picTrove 2 pro 2.6 is now available for iOS

We’ve been working on picTrove 2 pro with some major features on iOS for quite some time now. We figured that we should at least bring the iOS version of picTrove up to parity with the new search settings we released in the Android version, while we all wait for the major new features to drop. We’re happy to announce immediate availability of version 2.6 of picTrove 2 pro on iOS with the following additions:


Search query customization improvements: One area where we’re always seeming to work on is search query customization. We feel that this is one of the most important features of picTrove – where it easily allows you to fit your exact image search requirements just by moving configuration sliders around.

  • We added new options in Bing Images and Google Images
    • Bing Images has new options: Size: Extra Large, Age, License, Color
    • Google Images has new options: Color

Landscape mode usage was also a pain point for some users, especially on phone devices – in landscape mode, some of the service’s search customization screens had so many options that the sliders would squish together and you’d have to change to portrait orientation to move them easily. We’ve fixed this problem in this release:

  • Flickr, Google, Bing images configuration now scrolls and thus works better in landscape orientations on phone devices.

Improved Suggestions now offers better suggestions: We’ve redone the search suggestions internally, we’re hoping that you’ll find them to be faster and even more pertinent to what you’re looking for.

Some minor bugfixes and stability improvements have also been included, as always. Specifically:

  • Copy URL in internal web browser now copies the page URL more reliably

Get the new update from the iOS App Store, now!