About Traversient

Traversient Tech is a young, scrappy and independent mobile development studio that focuses on building the best-in-class mobile apps targeting social media aggregation.

We believe in functional and iterative design. Our apps are constantly in development, we’re always adding features, new functionality and improving overall experience.

Our Team

Shraddha Warang – Managing Director

Shraddha WarangShraddha brings all her experience to bear, in managing all operations, here at Traversient. She’s responsible for the company’s finances, and making sure we post a year-on-year profit, every year. She’s also great with finding the tiniest problems in any of our apps, and regularly participates in everything from UI/UIX design to development on both iOS and Android platforms. Shraddha manages all our consulting projects, so drop her a line at shraddha at traversient if you’ve got an opportunity for us.


Dhiraj Gupta – Software Architect

Dhiraj GuptaDhiraj has been fascinated with everything computer related since a very early age, and has been professionally developing all kinds of software since 2000. He brings all this experience to bear in our software consulting practice and our own app products, of course. Beyond everything else, Dhiraj believes in providing a complete and yet practical solution to every software problem, and a lot of Traversient’s philosophy is based on this and reflects in our products as well.