picTrove is the best Internet Photo Images browser app for your iPhone and iPad

You like browsing through the bazillions of photos  that everyone’s putting up on the Internet.

You’d rather use your own ingenuity and Internet search skills to find what you are looking for.

There’s a really cool app for that. It’s called picTrove.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Photo sources: Find the best photos from Google Images, Bing Images, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket
  • Download photos for offline browsing
  • Edit any found photos using Aviary’s brilliant iOS photo editor
  • Search across all sources simultaneously, or keep tweaking and drilling down in the Internet source of your choice
  • Open any found photos in supporting apps

Features Unique to picTrove:

  • AspectFitResize: Automatically resizes downloaded images when they are too large to fit on your device screen. This gives you a crisp pixel-perfect image that has been custom resized for superior image viewing. Tested with very large photos and endlessly tweaked to give you perfectly sized images, fast! No more jagged photos, or stuttering while scrolling through over-large images.
  • Saved Searches – picTrove saves any searches you do, and shows you your most used searches on top. No more hassle remembering what you typed to get what results. Saved searches are available across all services – you can compare results from one service with another, it’ll even tell you which services you’ve searched in.
  • Image preloading – While you’re browsing through images, picTrove is downloading further images in the background so you don’t have to wait for images to download.
  • Downloading progress – When you do manage to beat the Image preloading, and are waiting to see a downloading image, you’ll see a neat Pi chart representation of downloading progress, along with a super-enlarged thumbnail to let you skip ahead if you so wish.
  • Cross reference – When you find a picture you like, you can find more of the same very easily:
    Google-Images: Search within the same website, or even see all pictures from the particular website or the same *web page* !
    Flickr: Browse user’s photos and browse the user’s favorites
    Picasa: Browse user’s photos and browse all photos from the photo’s album