picTrove 2 is now available on Android!

We’re proud to announce the availability of picTrove 2 on Android!

Screenshot of the Google Play store showing picTrove 2 app
For the first time, we’re using the “Freemium” model to deliver our most popular app to you. picTrove 2 is free to download on the Google Play store, and lets you perform Image Search to simultaneously see results from 12 Internet Services. All functions are available for free, but only as long as you’re using the most popular Google Images service. To see full photos from any of the other 11 services, you’ll have to purchase the in-app Pro Unlock to get immediate, permanent access to all current and future features! Most features from the ever-popular iOS version are included, check out the picTrove 2 for Android page for more details.

Get it now from the Google Play Store:

Get picTrove 2 on Google Play

picTrove 2.4 is now available

We’re excited to announce that picTrove 2.4 is now available in the App Store. For this release we’ve concentrated on improving smoothness throughout the app, specifically in the key areas of thumbnail browsing and swiping between full photo views. The new full image pre-fetching feature is something which has to be experienced rather than seen, it’s mostly invisible! picTrove 2 now downloads full photos ahead of your browsing, so that when you swipe to the next full photo view, it is usually already downloaded, resized crisply for your device screen and ready to see. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how fast picTrove 2 is, now. :)

Another major area which we’ve been asked by many users to look into is iTunes File sharing. We’re happy to announce that for the first time, picTrove 2 not only enables iTunes File Sharing, but it even tries to keep / guess the original file name of the image file as much as possible. You can turn on/off iTunes file sharing from the picTrove settings screen. Turning it off is provided as an option mainly with the intention of preserving security for those of you who use the pass code feature in picTrove. Please note that even with pass code turned on, if you turn on iTunes file sharing, then your otherwise protected photos will be available through iTunes without asking for the passcode.

We’ve also added support for the Giphy animated GIF service. Also included in support for converting animated GIFs to video through our new GIFCon app, which is also now available in the App Store!

There are many other improvements and features, go through below, or better yet, get the updated picTrove 2 version from the App Store, now and experience it yourself!

Major new features

  • Full image pre-fetching: Much improved experience swiping between photos in the full photo view. picTrove now downloads photos ahead of your browsing so you don’t have to wait!
  • iTunes file sharing is now supported; you can copy all original saved photos in picTrove out to your computer, by syncing your device to iTunes. This can be toggled on/off in Settings screen for security. picTrove will attempt to retain original file names from URLs whenever possible.
  • New search service, Giphy, to search for animated GIFs.
  • You can now search for animated GIFs in Bing images.
  • Major improvement in smoothness of thumbnails grid. It loads more results smoother, there is virtually no thumbnail flickering. Thumbnails fade in smoothly.
  • Copy page URL, Copy image URL in web actions.
  • New settings to turn off navigation hiding by scrolling in various screens.
  • New setting to turn off OpenGL animated transitions.
  • Support for converting animated GIFs to MOV videos via our new app, GIFCon.
  • New URL launch API to search for only animated GIFs.
  • Added 3 new OpenGL transitions


  • Increased gaps between columns in multi-column search thumbnails.
  • Increased gaps between toolbar buttons in full photo view.
  • Reduced unnecessary scrolling in thumbnails with navigation in full photo view.
  • picTrove internal web browser now allows iOS standard long press actions.
  • Updated Aviary to latest.
  • Reduced app file size.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Convert your GIFs to videos with GIFCon

We’re happy to announce that our new app, GIFCon, is now available in the App Store. It’s great to convert GIFs to MOV videos right on your iOS device and it’s an essential tool if you like GIFs.


GIFCon imports GIFs from any iOS app that supports the iOS “Open in…” sheet. GIFCon also works great as a companion app to picTrove 2 to search, and import GIFs from it.

GIFCon will also let you control the playback speed of the converted video, along with the number of loops it should run. It’s simple, straightforward and easy-to-use.

GIFCon will maintain a photo library album in your device for you to save photos to, and also can post GIFs converted to MOV videos to Instagram.

Get it from the App Store, here.

picTrove 2 pro version 2.3 now available

We can barely contain our excitement as we announce the availability of version 2.3 of picTrove 2 pro. From the moment that they got their fingers on to picTrove 2 our customers have been demanding support for more services. This has always been something we’ve traditionally excelled at with picTrove, and today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added direct search results from six new services in version 2.3! We didn’t just stop there, there’s a whole lot of new features and improvements, read through for the details, or better yet, get the latest picTrove 2 pro from the App Store, now!

Multiple Services

Major new features

  • Native search support for Instagram and deviantART. Web search support for Tumblr.com, Blogger.com, WordPress.com and Pinterest.com. Read more about this on our Multiple Services page.
  • New vertical layout option for browsing thumbnails from all services. It’s great (and is the default) on iPhone devices. iPad users can turn on the Vertical Layout option in the picTrove settings screen.
  • New square thumbnail option for those who don’t like the mosaic / masonry grid view of thumbnails. Turn on this option in the picTrove settings screen and all thumbnails show up in an equally sized, square grid.
  • Reworked slideshow mode with new OpenGL hardware accelerated transitions for the best effects possible.
  • Reworked AirPlay mode for better performance.
  • Reworked bulk export from picTrove saved photos to device photo library, now shows progress during the export.
  • The thumbnail browser now tracks your navigation in the full photo view; when you come back from viewing a lot of photos, the last photo you were on is shown centered in thumbnail mode.

Improvements & fixes

  • Faster startup for users with a lot of saved photos in picTrove.
  • Faster photo selection and drag-and-drop arranging in saved photos. Drag-and-drop arranging now also works even out of “Select” mode.
  • Fixed multi-word search which was not working from URL share extension
  • Improved smoothness of swiping between photos in full photo view
  • Stability and performance improvements

picTrove 2 pro 2.2 adds a search extension for iOS 8

We’re excited to announce availability of picTrove 2 pro version 2.2 for iOS 8 today! We’ve added major new features and the update is available for iOS 8 only.


Major new features

  • URL share extension: The new URL share extension lets you search a website while you’re browsing it in Safari or any other supporting app on iOS 8. You can search for photos on the website and even on the exact page you’re browsing. Read more about the search in website extension on the feature page.
  • Photo library integration: We love the new Photos app on iOS 8 and we just had to show some love for it in picTrove 2 pro. The new photos library integration adds a direct button in full photo view to save to a dedicated album in your Photo library. There’s also a bulk export option within picTrove 2 pro’s Saved Photos area to save photos to the device’s photo library. Read more about it here.
  • Open URL API: Finally, we’ve added support for openURL API in picTrove 2 pro. You can now launch picTrove 2 pro with URL actions to search photos from your favorite 3rd party launchers. The technical details are here.


  • Completely redone internal networking gives picTrove 2 pro even more performance and stability benefits.
  • Faster internal web browser to see a photo’s web page supports automatic navigation bar hiding.
  • Navigation bars automatically hide when you scroll through photo thumbnails in the side-by-side browsing interface
  • The action bar in the side-by-side thumbnails view is reduced in height to show the maximum possible thumbnails
  • Simplified, speedened the transitions between photos in the full photo view
  • More visible, bluish tint color for quick visibility of buttons, actions
  • Fixed cases where captions would show some invalid characters in Google Images

The new 2.2 version is available from the App Store, here. Please update as soon as you can and as always, tweet us or send us an email to let us know what you think, thanks!

picTrove pro is free this weekend!

This weekend, we’re celebrating the launch of picTrove 2 pro, our latest and the best app to search for photos on the Internet.

To show our appreciation for all these years of image searching bliss, and to celebrate the new launch, we’re making the old picTrove Pro free for the weekend. So go ahead, download picTrove pro, and if you like it, please consider upgrading to picTrove 2. We intend to keep adding services and features to the new app as fast as we can. As always, we’d love listening to your feedback, so contact us or tweet to us anytime to let us know what you think.


picTrove 2 pro updated to 2.1

picTrove 2 pro has been updated to version 2.1 today. Get it from the App Store now!

Version 2.1 is mainly about improving the look of the thumbnails shown in side-by-side browsing. The thumbnails size calculation has been improved to show full thumbnails with no cropping.

A new setting is now available in picTrove 2.1 that halves the size of thumbnails used throughout the app. This setting effectively doubles the number of thumbnails you see; it’s especially useful for people who prefer reduced clutter and want to browse through the maximum results possible. A visual comparison is shown below:

With the default setting (Use small thumbnails: Off)


With small thumbnails (Use small thumbnails: On)

We recommend that users who want to use the smaller thumbnails setting turn off all of the display information in the picTrove 2 pro settings screen like shown below, to minimize clutter on the thumbnails. This setting makes most sense for users with devices having smaller screens. Please note that turning this setting on on iPad is possible and works well, but it’s quite resource intensive. If you have an older iPad model you may see some lag scrolling side-by-side.



  • This update fixes a critical bug with passcode usage, that would show a blank screen after passcode was successfully entered.
  • Fixed an issue where some photos from Google Images would not load up in full photo view due to malformed URLs
  • A message box is now shown when ‘Login to twitter’ is pressed and there are no twitter accounts present on the device
  • Fixed an issue where the device status bar would show the wrong time during launch of picTrove 2 pro.

picTrove 2 pro is now available

The wait is over, picTrove 2 pro is now available in the iOS App Store, in all available countries. picTrove 2 pro has been released as a new universal app, it is available for iOS 7.0+ devices.

picTrove 2

We’ve updated the traversient.com website with a new section for picTrove 2, with dedicated feature sub-pages to show off the key innovations like side-by-side search and search query customization that we’ve done in the new picTrove app. For the first time, picTrove supports animated GIFs, AirPlay connectivity for large screen displays, slideshows with transition effects and extensive settings to customize what is displayed on photo thumbnails and the full photo view. We hope you enjoy the new app, and as always, we welcome feedback and suggestions.

It’s been a fun journey getting till here, but it’s far from over. We continue to work on new features, adding Internet search services and we’ll keep the app updated with the latest iOS innovations.


picTrove 2 is coming!

We take great pleasure to announce that picTrove 2 is ready and is going to be released this coming Tuesday, the 19th of August, 2014!

We hereby invite interested journalists, bloggers, app reviewers and influential power users to approach us at our email or tweet to us to get a promo code to get and test picTrove 2 even before it’s general availability, for free! There are very limited codes available – please tell us how you can help us with picTrove 2 in your email. If you write for a website then please include a URL as well.

What you’ll get:

  • A promo code to download the new picTrove 2 pro app from the App Store, before it’s release
  • Access to the picTrove 2 features section on our site and it’s press kit
  • Direct contact with us to answer your questions and listen to your feedback

What we want:

  • We’re looking for good opportunities to promote picTrove 2 for maximum exposure – so contact us now!